Why are gaming brands unlocking cloud opportunities?

By Dr. Christopher Richard, MD and Chief Cloud Architect, G7 CR Technologies India Pvt Ltd

India is growing as one of the biggest markets for gaming brands as the total market value of the industry is expected to reach the figure of $4 billion in the next two years. The sector has been growing at almost 38% per year, which could be mainly attributed to technological improvements, especially cloud computing.

One of the most compelling reasons for a gaming brand to choose the cloud is that it can help them scale. With cloud computing, brands only pay for what they use and gain access to more powerful and faster resources than if they were purchased in batches.

Here are some of the most critical reasons gaming brands are looking to unlock cloud opportunities:

Faster – more frequent and less downtime with instant updates
One of the most obvious benefits of cloud gaming is that it enables faster and more frequent updates. When playing on a console like the Xbox One, there are certain things that require a player to stop playing and wait for a new update before they can play again.

For example, suppose a gamer wants to play an older game on a game console after upgrading their operating system with an update. In this case, the person should wait for the game developer to release an update supporting that old game before continuing the game.

With cloud gaming in place, these interruptions become less frequent because developers don’t need to create new versions of their games or re-release them with each new version of the operating system – they can remove many types of bets. up-to-date by going directly to the cloud!

Scalable — handle peak hour traffic.
The main reason is that cloud services can handle peaks in demand better than on-premises. They are able to ramp up resources quickly and efficiently, which means gaming companies don’t have to worry about servers hitting their limit during peak hours. This is especially important given that many games are played at night when most people are home from work and out of school.

For example, if the busiest time of a game (say 8 p.m.) has 50 players playing at the same time with 20 active users per minute, the server will need 200 Mbps of bandwidth per second.

An on-premises solution would require an expensive server that a gaming brand must purchase upfront (which can cost a significant amount of money).

However, with cloud service providers like Microsoft Azure offering pay-per-use pricing models based on usage rates per GB/TB per month/year etc., it is much easier for small gaming companies that don’t have hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars lying around in their budget!

Cheaper – avoid buying resources in batches.
Cloud costs are more predictable: Cloud hosting is usually a fixed monthly cost, meaning you know exactly how much you’ll spend each month. This helps reduce the risk of unexpected expenses and gives you greater visibility into your budget.

The cloud is cheaper in the long run: With cloud computing, it is possible to pay less money over time than if you bought resources in batches. This can be especially useful for small businesses that can’t afford large upfront capital investments, but still want to get started with cloud services as soon as possible. Therefore, it can be a perfect choice for game starter brands.

Companies are choosing the cloud to scale with demand
As a gaming company, it’s necessary to constantly balance the need for flexibility with the need to deliver an exceptional experience. The cloud is a great way to meet both of these needs: it provides elasticity and scalability, allows a game company to scale up or down as needed, and allows the brand to focus on delivering a exceptional user experience rather than being overwhelmed by infrastructure challenges. .

It’s no surprise that video game brands are turning to the cloud. It’s a natural fit for them because they’ve always been ahead of their time when it comes to technology. They’ve always been quick to embrace new ideas to stay ahead of their competition, and now they’re discovering that using the cloud can help them do just that.


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