What can India’s tech sector expect in 2022?

This article outlines the hiring trends that will dominate the tech industry this year.

India’s tech sector is rapidly providing jobs, with the attrition rate increasing every quarter since last year. In recent months, the attrition rate at large technology companies has increased to a range of 20-30% per year. Tech companies are paying higher wages to retain older employees in an effort to reduce attrition rates. However, the skills gap remains a big concern for everyone in the industry. Therefore, tech companies are also introducing advanced training programs and employee development programs. There are various tech jobs available today and this article outlines the hiring trends that will dominate the tech sector this year:

Continuation of hybrid work

There has been an extreme shift in work culture since the pandemic. With vaccination campaigns and low cases, there has been a trend where tech companies are asking for reps to work from the office. Notwithstanding, being tricky for reps who have been working remotely for a long time, tech companies are keeping options open for a hybrid model, without making it mandatory to come to the workplace.

Improve through e-learning

As you know, there is a huge skills gap in the technology sector. Therefore, tech companies do their best to provide refresher programs and advanced training programs for new and experienced employees. As the Investing for Impact: Education, Skills, and EdTech report states, “With the pandemic adding to an extraordinary leap in online education and professional development in the country, India will soon transform itself into a a US$313 billion online education market”.

Employing more women

Women are treated as a “reserve workforce” rather than an intrinsic part of the economy. Most women take a break after reaching the middle management level due to marriage, childbirth, caring for sick relatives, and it becomes difficult for them to return to work after the interruption of their career because they often end up with a skills gap with that. Pause.

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