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New Delhi: Describing Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi as one of modern India’s most popular and iconic leaders, Vice President of India Shri M. Venkaiah Naidu today decoded what he called the “Modi Phenomenon” with an elaborate exposition of Shri Modi’s attributes and other contributing factors. He has published a book titled ‘Modi @ 20: Dreams Meet Delivery’, a compilation of 21 articles written by 22 experts in the field highlighting various aspects of Shri Modi’s thought and performance in various fields as Chief Minister of Gujarat and Prime Minister for 20 years. since 2021.

In his 35-minute exploration of the mind, methods and vision of Shri Modi, the Vice President listed various attributes that made Shri Modi a unique leader and performer, furthering the interest of Gujarat previously and of India now as Prime Minister.

Referring to the attributes that highlighted the success of the Prime Minister, Shri Naidu listed: cultural work; 2. Deep understanding of Indian and Indian struggles and their potential; 3. Unwavering belief in the potential of people and India; 4. The courage to dream big and the determination to convert Sankalp into a Siddhi; 5. Think big and act big; 6. Ability to make bold decisions; 7. Do not be discouraged by temporary failures and episodic surprises; 8. Passion, energy and hard work; 9. Think and act differently; 10. Turn crisis into opportunity; 11. Adopt a bottom-up approach to policy development and implementation that ensures people’s participation; 12. Investigation of details and full assessment of problems and consequences; 13. Deploy experiences and outcomes of Gujarat experiences for formulation of evidence-based policies and programs at national level; 14. Mass adoption of technology for effective governance; and 15. Passionate promotion of the mantra “Realize, Reform and Transform”.

Referring to the par excellence and transformational leadership of the Prime Minister, Shri Naidu said; “Even his detractors agree that Shri Modi is now a phenomenon at national and international level through which India is regarded and respected.”

Stating that Shri Modi’s vision has been shaped by his long years of experiential journey before becoming Chief Minister of Gujarat, the Vice President pointed out that “this is the fundamental differentiator that makes Shri Modi unique in many ways. There is probably no other public figure in contemporary times who has had such an experiential journey”. He further said that the Prime Minister’s vision for the country is an expression and manifestation of many felt experiences accumulated during his tenures as a social activist to begin with and later as a political activist.

Recalling his work with the Prime Minister earlier as Union Minister for Urban Development, Shri Naidu explained Shri Modi’s concern for the details of every issue to enable robust and foolproof planning and execution. Shri Naidu, in particular, pointed to Shri Modi’s commitment to making Swachh Bharat’s campaign an “Andolan jan” instead of seeing it as a routine government program, a philosophy that marks all of the Prime Minister’s initiatives.

The Vice President said that being aware that India was large in numbers with huge problems, Prime Minister Shri Modi believes that large executions in terms of scale and speed and therefore more than 45 crore bank accounts have been opened for the unreached; more than 12 crores of toilets and 3 crores of houses have been built for the dignity of life of the poor; 5 million MUDRA loans sanctioned to make entrepreneurs unheard of; out of Rs. 20 crores has been transferred to beneficiaries under 320 programs under DBT by effectively harnessing the technology; 8 crore bottles of LPG were donated to relieve poor women from the drudgery of using firewood for cooking and ensure running water supply for 19 crore households etc.

Shri Naidu described the Prime Minister as a ‘scientist’ for extending various programs successfully implemented earlier when Shri Modi was the Chief Minister of Gujarat based on the results and thus enabling the formulation of projects and evidence-based programs.

Referring to Shri Modi being referred to as an “election machine”, Shri Naidu noted that for Shri Modi, elections are not an outcome of politics but are a social science with a deep understanding of the life contexts of ordinary people. and a deep understanding of their aspirations that make Shri Modi a successful activist.

Shri Naidu hailed Shri Modi’s contribution to deepening democracy in the country by arousing the interest of the people in every subsequent election by proving himself to be the one who keeps the promises made and thus fulfills the hopes and aspirations of the people . Stating that people looked to Shri Modi as someone who would mend their shattered dreams and restore India to prosperity, Shri Naidu described Shri Modi’s politics as one of “hope”.

The Vice President further noted that Prime Minister Shri Modi’s “capacity, mobility and stability (with the required Lok Sabha majority) are driving India towards prosperity.” Shri Naidu asserted that Shri Modi is only looking forward to late implementation of policies and programs as he is keen on scale and speed of delivery as India still faces gaps in development in the 75th year of independence and is keen to fill these gaps.

Shri Naidu said that MODI is mission oriented to make India developed and urged all ruling parties in different states to effectively utilize all available developmental and democratic platforms to move the nation forward. He called for ensuring a peaceful environment in the country by ridding it of all tensions to achieve this mission.

Minister of Home Affairs and Union Cooperation, Shri Amit Shah, Minister of External Affairs, Dr. S. Jaishankar, other senior ministers, MPs, senior officials and dignitaries from various fields have honored the occasion.

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