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New Delhi: UBON, India’s leading consumer electronics and gadget accessories brand, mainly specializing in headphones, speakers and power banks, has collaborated with Jan Seva Sansthan, an NGO working for the eradication of backwardness in Indian society. A team of UBON professionals, with a proactive commitment to promote the integral development of disadvantaged people, visited the NGO and organized fun activities with seniors but also children living in the community to spread happiness between them.

The team brought together all members associated with Jan Seva Sansthan, including management, elders, children and also animals, and engaged them in activities to build their confidence and brighten up their day. The activities focused on team building, positivity and making everyone feel included. The team also discussed opportunities with NGO officials to expand their support and make a small but significant contribution.

Mr. Mandeep Arora, Managing Director of UBON, said: “Our team had a lot of fun, especially with the children, while serving them all we could. The team had conversations with the children while they played with them and learned a lot about the children. We are compelled to return to society because we believe in the same philosophy of treatment. We are determined to seize every opportunity available to us to promote social causes for those in need, whatever the situation after the pandemic. “

He added: “We regularly respect our social commitments to society. We will continue to carry out these activities with several non-governmental organizations aimed at making the world a better place to live. “


About UBON: – Incorporated in 1999, UBON, headquartered in Delhi, is India’s leading consumer electronics and gadget accessories brand serving the needs of ‘connected consumers’ and ‘online people’. shift “. With the proper R&D and the right use of technology, the brand offers products such as bluetooth speakers and headphones, headphones, chargers, cables and more than 125 accessories. UBON was also named “Most Promising Brand of the Year by The Economic Times in 2019”.

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