Telegram Premium subscription can cost 349 rupees per month in India

Telegram Premium has reportedly started rolling out to users in India. The instant messaging app announced earlier this month that it would put certain advanced features behind a paywall and allow users to access them through a subscription. It’s the first time Telegram has launched a freemium model for its app since it became available nine years ago.

IndiaTodayTech saw the screenshot posted in a Telegram group by a user who claims to have access to Telegram Premium. According to the screenshot of Telegram Windows 11 app, Telegram Premium costs Rs 349 per month. For that price, subscribers will get access to “additional features, speed, and resources.”

Telegram had no comment.

“Break the limits, get exclusive features and support us by subscribing to Telegram Premium,” reads the description for Telegram Premium. Feature list as mentioned on Telegram Premium page includes doubled limits, 4GB download size, faster download speed, voice to text conversion, no ads, unique reactions, premium stickers , advanced chat management, profile badge, animated profile pictures, and premium app icon.

It should be noted that these features are currently not available to regular Telegram users. For example, the file download size is currently 2 GB, but subscribers will have access to an additional 2 GB. Telegram also said features currently available to free users will remain accessible. “In addition, even users who are not subscribed to Telegram Premium will be able to enjoy some of its advantages: for example, they will be able to view very large documents, media and stickers sent by Premium users, or press to add Premium . already pinned reactions to a post to react the same,” Telegram founder Pavel Durov wrote on Telegram.

Telegram Premium is similar to Twitter Blue, which offers paid subscribers access to services such as an Undo Tweet option to unpublish a tweet – a replacement for the edit button that Twitter said it is currently working on. But a subscription is ideally for people who spend a lot of time on a particular app. For those who don’t, the features available in the free tier are sufficient. At the same time, a subscription also means that there is a reasonably good proportion of users who like Telegram and want access to additional features.

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