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SKKU has accomplished the magnificent achievement of producing the most qualified candidates for the 2022 State Examination (Administration and Technology) / Grade 5 Foreign Service, announced on October 3. SKKU produced 24 out of 236 candidates for the administration exam, 10 out of 87 for the technology exam, 3 out of 40 foreign service candidates, and 3 out of 10 advanced court administration exams (announced by the Supreme Court in June ). Thus, the number of qualified SKKU applicants in 2022 is 40, historically showing the best result. Above all, in the case of the technology exam, SKKU scored the highest number of successful candidates in history.

The good news was also discussed with the best candidates for qualification. The glory of the top qualified candidates was given to; the Technology (Mechanical) Examination LEE, Taegyoung (School of Mechanical Engineering), the Foreign Service Examination KIM, Gyeongmin (Department of Media and Communication) and the Advanced Court Administration Examination PARK, Wonkyu ( school of chemical engineering).

The SKKU Career Development Center runs public examination classes for those preparing for public service or professional certificates. The center offers various programs, runs the Administration/Foreign Service/CPA exam preparation class at Yanghyon-gwan Student Quarters, and runs the Technology/Patent Agent exam preparation class at Unyongjae (Engineering Licensure Preparation Class). The excellence of these classes is no longer to be proven since 80% of the qualified candidates this year from the SKKU come from the preparation classes.

Professor Sang Hoon Bae (Head of SKKU Career Development Center) said, “SKKU’s status in the field of public examinations and professional certificates is improving. Especially, in the case of the state exam, the importance becomes great as it contributes to the country. This is a good opportunity for students to achieve their dreams, so we hope more students will challenge themselves and get interested.

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