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New Delhi: Raphacure, the leading provider of digital health services, announced on Wednesday that serial tech entrepreneur Sanjeev Dahiwadkar has joined the company’s board of directors.

Dahiwadkar is a successful tech entrepreneur based in the United States with over two decades of experience building and scaling multiple tech companies across the globe. He has not only designed and developed many patented technology products, but is also a visionary technology leader with an impeccable understanding of global technology markets.

With a knack for spotting new trends in technology, Dahiwadkar currently runs four technology companies – WipeOut Inc, Cognota Healthcare Technologies, IT Shastra India Pvt Ltd, and Moringa Techsolv, which he founded. He is also the founding member of leading US-based IT services company IndiSoft, which has achieved many milestones in the mortgage industry under his leadership. Winner of numerous industry awards, Dahiwadkar has been deeply involved in the high tech sector for the past 20 years, half of which in the startup scene. He has seen all stages of a technology company from inception to maturity, and has led many strategies, key partnerships and business creation initiatives throughout his career. As a thought leader, he has written numerous books on self-help and business strategies and actively gives back to society through the India Asha Foundation.

RaphaCure Founder and CEO Jeya Kumar, welcoming Sanjeev Dahiwadkar to the Board of Directors, said: “At RaphaCure, we are proud to welcome Mr. Sanjeev Dahiwadkar to the Board of Directors of the company. . Sanjeev is a self-taught and passionate tech serial entrepreneur and disruptor. He brings deep expertise in healthcare technology delivery solutions, from minimally viable products to complex end-to-end solutions. As an entrepreneur with skin in the game, he believes in leadership from the front. His broad and in-depth business understanding of emerging technologies will bring tremendous value to the board and the company. “

“Technology is a force for the common good. The current pandemic has shown how humanity can harness technology to save millions of lives. As RaphaCure, under the leadership of Jeya Kumar, embarks on a journey to provide essential and timely healthcare in India’s most remote place, I feel honored to be a part of this mission. I look forward to working closely with the Board of Directors on several strategic issues, ”said Sanjeev Dahiwadkar, Managing Director of Cognota Healthcare.

As a leading healthcare technology company, RaphaCure is bringing a paradigm shift in the Indian healthcare landscape. Tens of thousands of patients benefit from the company’s cutting-edge digital platforms that enable seamless access to health services in remote locations.

Users can benefit from a doctor on call, diagnostic tests, Covid19 care, vaccination, ambulance service, wellness activities, pharmacy, fitness, wellness be mental, senior care and corporate packages at their preferred location. The company is currently in the process of building a team of professionals in its mission to provide healthcare services in the most remote areas of India.

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