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Mumbai – Scaler, one of India’s fastest growing edtech startups, today announced the launch of its groundbreaking education platform in the US, which will feature industry veterans from select of the world’s largest technology companies including Amazon, Google, Meta, Microsoft and Netflix serving as instructors, mentors and career coaches.

Designed for software professionals, Scaler is a development platform that delivers unparalleled hands-on learning experiences through a modern curriculum that exposes learners to cutting-edge technologies.

Based in Bengaluru, India, Scaler was founded in 2019 to help IT professionals become high quality software engineers. Since then, the company has seen incredible growth, with over four million people accessing its content and over 16,000 paid learners across the country. Scaler recently commissioned the “Scaler Placement Assessment Report” in association with KPMG which found that paid learners enrolled in Scaler programs have a nearly 95% placement rate, with an average 130% increase in their salaries. The average salary increase received after joining the new company is 67.8%, with 31.8% of alumni being promoted to the position they joined after Scaler.

“After achieving unprecedented success in India, combined with the growing demand for skilled tech workers in America, it’s an exciting time to officially launch our groundbreaking education platform in the United States. We see an incredible opportunity to develop best-in-class engineers and help them maximize their career potential,” said Scaler co-founder Abhimanyu Saxena. “As we continue to grow our business, we hope to provide millions of aspiring software engineers in the United States, and eventually around the world, the opportunity to learn new skills, expand their talents and to position themselves for long and successful careers in the tech industry.”

The US Scaler program kicks off with its Scaler Academy program, which was created specifically for those who are already into coding and looking to improve their skills to become elite software engineers. As the program matures, Scaler will introduce additional programs to its US-based learners, including Scaler Data Science and Machine Learning.

Scaler is backed by Lightrock India, Sequoia Capital India and Tiger Global and recently completed a $55m Series B funding. After being valued at $110 million two years ago, Scaler’s current valuation has soared to $710 million.

“I have been engaging with Interviewbit since 2016. I used their platform to prepare for my SDE interviews back then. Once Scaler launched, I embarked on a mentorship to help others like me achieve their career goals in the tech industry. Learners who are part of the Scaler ecosystem are dedicated, motivated and talented. All they need is support and guidance to help them succeed. And I get a lot of satisfaction from being part of their growth journey by mentoring them to be their best. It’s my way of giving back to the community. Scaler programs are highly detailed and industry-focused – they teach critical topics such as systems design and DSA – which are essential for software engineers to succeed in the workplace where they work with real-world problems on an enormous scale. Scaler has built a strong offering that includes an updated curriculum, strong mentorship and educational support, live masterclasses with industry leaders, and a focus on knowledge translation through projects and assignments as well. than professional support. It is beneficial for aspiring engineers to build a scalable and successful technology career. – Sumaithri M., Mentor at Scaler Inc, currently working as a Senior Software Engineer at Gopuff, previously worked as a Software Engineer at Facebook for over 3 years.

To further strengthen the footprints across the country, Scaler has also appointed Parminder Singh as Manager – USA, InterviewBit & Scaler Academy. With over a decade of experience and a deep understanding of the technology landscape, Mr. Singh will chart Scaler’s growth trajectory in the new region. He started his career working in machine learning and mobile engineering in 2009 and has held leadership positions at organizations including Tachyon Technologies,, and Flipkart. Parminder also co-founded, a mobile digital adoption platform that allows product managers to orchestrate user journeys through the app without writing a single line of code. The startup did exceptionally well in Southeast Asia and the United States and was eventually acquired by

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that employment in the software development industry will grow 22% by 2030. Globally, experts predict there will be 45 million software developers. active software by 2030, a 67% increase from the end of 2021, according to Slashdata. . Despite this growing need, the number of employable and skilled engineers remains unsustainably low around the world – just a few million. These statistics underscore the dire need for programs that allow technology professionals to develop their skills and capitalize on growing market needs.

For the nine to eleven month program in the United States, each student is assigned a teaching assistant who helps them throughout their program, in addition to receiving access to more than 2,000 professionals working in the top software companies around the world.

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