Reopening of schools in India: schools will open from October 15 in Punjab and Haryana

Reopening of schools in India: The governments of Punjab and Haryana have agreed to open schools in their respective states from October 15 in a phased manner. Along with these states, Uttar Pradesh has also agreed to reopen schools for grades 9 to 12 as of October 19.

However, the Punjab has not communicated any official date for the reopening of schools. Meanwhile, the Haryana government has asked the school to decide on dates to reopen the school based on its review of the situation.

The timetable for the reopening of schools in the Punjab

Earlier this month, the government of Punjab announced that only students in grades 9 to 12 will be allowed to attend schools that will reopen from today with the parental consent of each student. Schools would only operate 3 hours a day. However, attendance would not be compulsory for students. Those who wanted to take online courses can also opt for this one.

However, the final decision on when schools can reopen will be made after the SOPs are released by the Department of Health.

Punjab government spokesman Singla said: “The Punjab government has decided to reopen the schools. SOPs for the reopening of schools have been decided and sent for approval to the Ministry of Health. We will announce the reopening date once the SOPs are approved. “

Punjab and Haryana

He added that in the first phase, schools outside the containment zone will only be open for students in grades 9 to 12. Students must get written permission from their parents to attend classes. And if a student doesn’t want to take physical classes, they can continue to take online classes from the comfort of their home. They will not be forced, they will have options.

The state government has also issued SOPs, according to which no more than 20 students per section are allowed in a class. Schools are required to follow Covid 19 precautionary measures such as wearing face masks, maintaining social distancing,

The schedule for reopening schools in Haryana

The Haryana government has allowed students in grades 6 to 9 to visit their schools for any consultation with their teachers starting October 15.

Haryana State Education Minister Kanwar Pal said, “If all goes well, students in these classes can consult with their teachers from October 15.

Two weeks earlier, the Haryana School Education Department had sent a letter to district education officials authorizing the reopening of schools from September 21, 2020, for grades 9 to 12. While teachers and other staff began to attend schools, no regular classes were conducted for students.

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