R Ashwin disagrees with Ravi Shastri’s statement on test cricket, explains why existing system matters

R Ashwin disagrees with Ravi Shastri’s comments on Test cricket

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  • Ravi Shastri had said that Test cricket should only be limited to the top 3-4 teams.
  • R Ashwin disagrees with Shastri’s suggestion for the game’s longest format.
  • Ashwin, in fact, urged smaller cricketing nations to develop a stronger first-class cricketing system.
Former India head coach Ravi Shastri has made an interesting suggestion regarding the future of Test cricket, saying only the top 3-4 teams should play the longest format in the match. Indian spinner Ravichandran Ashwin, reacting to Shastri’s suggestion, expressed opposing views.

Ashwin, who has one of the best cricketing brains in the modern game, explained why Shastri’s suggestion doesn’t quite solve the problem, but rather robs teams like Ireland of opportunities to develop a better first-team system. class.

“Recently, Ravi bhai said that test cricket should be designed as a format where only 3-4 nations play. But when 3-4 nations play, teams like Ireland won’t get a chance to play. “, said Ashwin in a video on his YouTube channel.

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“You may ask me what is the relationship between Test cricket and T20 cricket. Only when you play Test cricket will your first-class structure improve. And only when your first-class structure is good, people will have more opportunities. And players who do well in top-class cricket shape their game according to T20 cricket. That’s how cricket was shaped,” Ashwin added.

Ashwin cited the example of India when explaining the importance of having a strong first class system. Following the Indian system, Ashwin believes that foreign countries should make the test of cricket more relevant.

The Tamil Nadu-born off-spinner also cited the example of the West Indies when explaining how top-class cricket has almost disappeared from the country.

“You can see that out of the top three test nations, of course, you can make four out of five…India, England and Australia. The top-class structure of those nations is extremely strong. In fact , a little suggest whether India’s top class structure can be further improved as as we speak Navdeep Saini and Washington Sundar have continued and done well in county cricket. Is there an opportunity for foreign players to come and play at the Ranji Trophy? Questions also arise,” he said.

“How are you going to strengthen first class cricket? For that, Test cricket has to be relevant in your country. If Test cricket isn’t relevant, they won’t play it with full interest. I’m currently at West Indies and here we can see top class cricket is almost gone. There are several T20 tournaments,” Ashwin added.

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