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New Delhi – Qentelli, a leading global technology company delivering continuous delivery through orchestrated engineering, today announced that the business has achieved 110% year-over-year growth for 2021, along with the promotion of Rashi Srivastava as digital director. Rashi was previously Executive Vice President at Qentelli, leading the global solution delivery and engineering teams and has been associated with the company since its inception. She has played a central role in achieving the company’s business objectives, accelerating growth and creating value for all stakeholders.

Rashi is a seasoned technology leader with over 20 years of experience in IT and leading global teams in Australia, India and North America. Her experience gained from having played all the roles she manages today, allows Rashi to drive a successful digital strategy for Fortune 1000 companies that directly impacts revenue and bottom line. Rashi is an inspirational leader and has mastered working with multicultural, cross-border and multi-dimensional teams. She leads from the front as well as mentors and helps teams and other leaders evolve, adopt and adapt to new ways of working; more importantly, its current focus includes promoting innovation at all levels.

Rashi joined Qentelli in 2015 as its first employee. She has had a significant impact on many facets of the business, helping to shape strategy and execution, as well as delivering innovative solutions – which have since led to six patents pending – for customers and partners of Qentelli. His extensive experience in software delivery and IT, spanning cloud, mobile, AI and ML applications, has helped shape the company’s innovation agenda, utilizing emerging technologies, helping teams deliver exceptional digital experiences for all customer engagements, unlocking technology-enabled sources of value for the business, customers and employees.

Sanjay Jupudi, President and Founder of Qentelli LLC said, “Under his leadership, Qentelli has grown from a start-up to a company with over 850 employees in a very short time. From day one, Rashi has played a key role in amplifying Qentelli’s business impact and setting its direction by co-leading strategic functions such as human resources, delivery, pre-sales and ‘innovation. In her role as CDO, Qentelli LLC, she continues to inspire teams across the organization through her participatory leadership style. »

Prasanna Singaraju, CEO and Co-Founder of Qentelli LLC, added, “As we aim for hyper growth and with the recent acquisition, now is the time to build on this momentum, we have gained value through innovative digital solutions that drive intelligent automation. and continue to focus on our core Digital Transformation, DevOps, Quality and Cloud. Rashi’s genuine and transparent leadership style, empathy and relentless pursuit of excellence ensure him success in his new role.

Qentelli continues to make rapid growth the norm as the company is poised to capitalize on the base of people, innovation and technology that has been built over the past six years. The company recently acquired NCS Technologies and will continue its strategy to deliver value-based solutions that will accelerate the digital transformation journey for combined customers. In addition, Qentelli is committed to further strengthening its onshore delivery center by creating approximately 500 jobs over the next 2 years, improving competitive positioning in the smart and hyper-automated space through innovation and solution development.

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