PUBG Mobile India may be renamed Battlegrounds Mobile India

The release of PUBG Mobile India is perhaps one of the most anticipated things right now. Since last year’s ban, PUBG (Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds) Mobile gamers have been waiting for their favorite game to return. Last week, PUBG Mobile India accidentally released trailers to tease the launch, but they were quickly deleted. And now a leaked poster suggests that PUBG Mobile India will be released as Battlegrounds Mobile India, although a date for that is still unclear.

According to Gemwire, which has previously shared information about PUBG Mobile India, the PUBG Mobile India website hosts a “creative asset”. This creation has suggested that the Indian version of PUBG Mobile, known till now as PUBG Mobile India, will be called Battlegrounds Mobile India. There was a poster that would have been part of the creation that was in an embedded link to a video on Vimeo. This embedded link previously hosted the Diwali teaser for the launch of PUBG Mobile India last year, according to Gemwire. The video file on Vimeo was called “India Recall Campaign Motion_v02.mp4”.

The folks at Gemwire say they managed to find out that Krafton, the parent company of PUBG Mobile, registered the “” domain in India on April 7. However, we have not been able to independently verify if this domain exists.

Right now, there’s a flood of evidence that points to Krafton’s efforts to bring the beloved mobile game back from India. Last year’s ban caused huge disappointment in the Indian gaming community. However, when Krafton took matters into his own hands, he promised that the PUBG Mobile game would return. It advertised PUBG Mobile India as the new release and it is heavily censored in terms of gore and other features aimed at reducing the time players previously spent on the game.

Since then, Krafton has been trying to get approval from the Indian government. At a recent gaming convention, held with government support, a Krafton official confirmed that the company is continuously working to bring gaming back into the Indian gaming ecosystem. The biggest hurdle here is the permission the government is not in the mood to give to the makers of PUBG Mobile. Although the government has not officially clarified its position, it has often explained that it is still not convinced enough to allow PUBG Mobile in India.

Earlier this year, Labor Minister Prakash Javadekar said that PUBG is one of the games which are “violent, explicit, addictive and tend to create a complex in the minds of children”. The minister also said that the government plans to create a center of excellence in gaming that will promote Indian cultural ethos, instead of violence. He added that the game center will teach courses in visual effects, games and animation so that Indian games promoting cultural ethics can be developed. And those courses will probably be available this year.

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