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Bangalore: Mindtree, a global digital transformation company, today launched ‘Mindtree MyTree’, a unique initiative to celebrate employees’ work anniversaries by planting trees. The company has pledged to plant 120,000 trees over three years at all Indian locations where it operates.

As part of this initiative, Mindtree’s tree planting partner, the SankalpTaru Foundation, an IT-focused NGO focused on reforestation and environmental conservation, will plant a sapling on the occasion of the anniversary of each Mindtree employee and will present them with a personalized planting certificate, along with a photograph and location of the sapling.

“Our employees are passionate about contributing to the cause of a greener environment, but are often pressed for time and opportunity,” said Paneesh Rao, Global Head of Sustainability at Mindtree. “This initiative will allow them to take the first steps towards meaningful change. As a motivated organization, we take our commitments to our employees and our environment very seriously. With Mindtree MyTree, we can bring these commitments together to help bring about positive change. This initiative will make work anniversaries even more special and will be the source of immense joy and satisfaction for our employees as they watch saplings grow into trees. These trees will help create a healthy environment by sequestering carbon, purifying the air, enhancing biodiversity and increasing green cover, while supporting thousands of livelihoods.

“The SankalpTaru Foundation is grateful to the Mindtree Foundation for choosing the noble cause of reforestation,” said Mr. Apurva Bhandari, Founder of the SankalpTaru Foundation. “Their commitment to tree planting will go a long way in nurturing mother nature. We are also happy to combine our field planting efforts with blockchain technology and geolocation for transparency and tracking. We look forward to continued our green journey with the Mindtree Foundation and together create a better and greener world for future generations.

Mindtree runs a number of other environmental programs, which include solar electrification, energy-efficient stoves, and infrastructure and skills support for horticulture and forestry plantation programs in tribal hamlets and agrarian villages. .

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