Limit traffic problems thanks to the traffic violation detection system based on a 4D imaging radar

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Traffic speed detection is a unique activity because it saves lives. At the same time, municipalities and cities around the world are using it to detect speeding violations and generate revenue through speeding tickets. If we talk about technology for road traffic management in the country, Vehant Technologies is a pioneer in this field. The Noida-based company recently launched India’s first traffic violation detection system based on 4D imaging radar with HD technology designed for spot and average speed measurement on roads and highways. The system can be used for vehicle classification for traffic management and traffic census proposals.

The new radar-based speeding detection system includes 4D radar and a video lane camera for reading license plates and capturing evidence. System operations are quite simple and a single system can cover up to 4 lanes. Speed ​​is measured by radar while lane video cameras will automatically record the offending vehicle’s license plate. The radar sensor and the cameras are interconnected and the information they capture is sent to the local processing unit. The data is then sent to the central platform for live viewing of real-time flows and violations, automating the traffic management process e-challans to violators. The system is extremely accurate as it can accurately detect and differentiate between shadows and a vehicle.

Kapil Bardeja, CEO and Co-Founder, Vehant Technologies

“When we started developing the radar system during this pandemic, one of the challenges was to test the product on site, and the product development also took longer because the team was working from home. We have a robust partner ecosystem for radar modules and we have all worked hard to develop and launch this product even while working from home, informed Kapil Bardeja, CEO and co-founder of Vehant Technologies.

Vehant’s radar-based traffic violation detection system is a 100% Indian-made product and is certified by relevant government agencies for speed accuracy. The system can also be used to count and classify vehicles into different categories at the same time that the average flow speed is also calculated. The same is used by smart AI algorithms at the junction and control room level to predict traffic congestion and change flow patterns using red light management.

Vehant is the first Indian company to launch a 4D radar-based traffic violation detection system. In transportation, radar technology has a wide variety of applications. The radar is predestined for transport surveillance and has established itself for many years as an outstanding technological solution in the traffic sector abroad.

“Congestion, if predicted in time, can largely be avoided. Using this technology, congestion can be predicted in advance and traffic diversions can occur in real time. Red light pattern/timing can be changed in real time to ensure smooth traffic flow,” he said.

The company claims that the radar-based speed detection system is completely designed, developed in India, it is not only customized for Indian roads and highways, but is also lower in cost than overseas competitors. With programs like Make in India, it has become easy to compete with other major players in the market as Indian products have become the main option as opposed to the second option which was the case some time ago.

Currently, Vehant Technologies has deployed cameras in over 10,000 lanes in 42 smart cities across India including Lucknow, Allahabad, Kochin, Raipur, Jabalpur, Hyderabad, Cyberabad and Satna to name a few. Additionally, he adds that the company is already in talks with 15 other smart city authorities for deployment.

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