IT Recruitment Activity in India’s Tech Industry Drops 6.0% in July 2022

India’s tech industry saw a 6.0% drop in IT hiring activity in July 2022 from the previous month, according to GlobalData’s Job Analytics database.

Overall industry hiring was down 5.34% in July 2022 compared to June 2022.

Of the total tech industry hiring activity, IT jobs claimed a 39.54% share in July 2022, down 0.94% from the average share for the past three months.

Top Five Job Classifications in Indian Tech Industry IT Recruitment Activity in July 2022

Out of the total number of job titles, the top five roles accounted for a share of 99.42% of the overall IT recruitment activity of the Indian tech industry in July 2022.

1) Software and web developers, programmers and testers recorded a share of 71.95% in July 2022, registering a growth of 21.91% compared to the previous month.

2) Computer and information analysts claimed a share of 11.61%, down 9.6% from the previous month.

3) Database and network administrators and architects held a 9.64% share, up 2.03% from June 2022.

4) Miscellaneous IT occupations captured a 3.12% share, down 7.66% from the prior month.

Top Five Tech Companies in IT Recruitment Activity in India in July 2022

The top five companies, in terms of number of jobs tracked by GlobalData, accounted for a combined average growth of 79.12% in share of the Indian tech industry’s overall IT recruitment activity in July 2022 compared to June 2022.

Accenture posted 4,734 IT jobs in July 2022 and was up 281.16% from the previous month, followed by Nippon Telegraph and Telephone with 943 jobs and down 31.72%. Oracle with 787 IT jobs and Infosys with 578 jobs, saw a decline of 23.74% and growth of 49.74%, respectively, while Tata Communications saw an increase of 180.83% with 542 job vacancies. in July 2022.

Mid-level job openings dominate in July 2022

Mid-level jobs held a share of 54.1%, up 44.43% from June 2022. Junior-level positions, with a share of 40.44%, saw a decline of 9.29 % compared to the previous month.

In third place were entry-level job ads with 4.71% market share, up 2.57% from June 2022, while senior job ads accounted for 0.75%, recording a monthly decline of 40.24%.

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