India educates Turkish UNGA Prez for raising Kashmir while chatting with Imran’s sidekick

India on Friday strongly condemned the remarks by United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) President Volkan Bozkır (of Turkey) on Jammu and Kashmir. During his visit to Pakistan, the UNGA president unwittingly compared the Kashmir issue to the Palestinian dispute and said Pakistan should raise the Kashmir issue more forcefully at the United Nations. He further urged India and Pakistan to work together and find a “peaceful solution”. Responding to questions from the media on the remarks made by the so-called UNGA president regarding the Union of India territory of Jammu and Kashmir, the official MEA spokesman fired back.

“No basis for comparison with other global situations”: MEA from India

“We express our strong opposition to the unwarranted references made to the Union of Indian Territory of Jammu and Kashmir by the President of the United Nations General Assembly (PGA) Volkan Bozkir during his recent visit to Pakistan His remarks that Pakistan is “bound – bound” to raise this issue more strongly at the UN is unacceptable. There is indeed no basis for comparison with other global situations, ”the spokesperson said.

The MEA spokesperson called his remark ‘a great disservice to the office he occupies’ and his behaviorreally unfortunate “.

“When an outgoing president of the United Nations General Assembly makes misleading and damaging remarks, he is doing a huge disservice to the office he occupies. The behavior of the PGA is truly unfortunate and surely diminishes its position on the global platform, ”said an official spokesperson.

UNGA President speaks on “Kashmir”

At a press conference on Thursday following a meeting with Pakistani Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi in Islamabad, UNGA chief Volkan Bojkir said it was Pakistan’s duty to raise the issue more firmly. question of the dispute between Jammu and Kashmir before the United Nations. Comparing the Kashmir issue to the Palestinian issue, UNGA President Bojkir said there is a lack of strong political will to resolve the Kashmir conflict. He said he was convinced that the Palestinian question and the Kashmir question started at the same time.

He further stressed that all parties should refrain from changing the status in Jammu and Kashmir and, under the United Nations Charter and the peaceful resolutions of the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) between Pakistan and India, should be found just like the Simla Accord.

(Image credits: AP / PTI)

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