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The Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) at IIM Kashipur is a full-time residential doctoral program designed to meet the academic and research needs of professionals. The main objective of the program is to provide researchers with the skills necessary to identify and research complex problems in the field of management. The Ph.D. seeks candidates with exceptional academic training, intellectual curiosity, and the discipline to make a scientific contribution. The program is committed to training individuals to excel in their field of research through the publication of world-class quality work.

Areas of specialization include business communication, economics, finance and accounting, technology and information systems, marketing, operations management and decision sciences, organizational behavior and management human resources and public policy. The program consists of three stages: Coursework, Comprehensive Exam and Viva Voce and Thesis Work.

Upon joining the program, scholars will take courses in 6 terms spread over 2 academic years. The course program is an important and integral part of a doctoral student’s learning process. Courses for the nine fields were recommended under the guidance of experienced and learned academicians. The recommended course structure provides inputs related to the foundations of management research, understanding and use of different methodologies, theory and research related to the discipline, advanced electives, research in related fields (to motivate interdisciplinary research), academic writing, teacher training modules and workshops. Although a basic structure was offered, each area was also given the opportunity to recommend courses tailored to their needs. All the required information can be accessed through the IIM Kashipur website under the Academics tab.

The deadline for applying is 31st January 2022.

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