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Munehiro Hashimoto, President of Hitachi Systems India

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Hitachi Systems (“Hitachi Systems”), a wholly owned subsidiary of Hitachi, Ltd, announced that Hitachi Systems Micro Clinic (“Hitachi Systems Micro Clinic”, Head Office: New Delhi, India) has changed its corporate name to Hitachi Systems India Pvt. (“Hitachi Systems India”) and appointed Munehiro Hashimoto as its new president.

Upon adopting this new corporate name, Hitachi Systems aims to work more closely with Hitachi Systems India as part of a plan to expand its IT services business in the Indian market and strengthen its business foundations. Through new President Munehiro Hashimoto’s assignment plan to India, they aim to further increase Japan’s managerial influence.

The role of Hitachi Systems India in the Hitachi Systems Group

Founded in 1991, Hitachi Systems India is an IT services company based in New Delhi. The company became a member of the Hitachi Systems Group in 2014 and has been providing comprehensive one-stop services ever since, from IT equipment procurement to system design, construction, operation and maintenance. In January 2020, the company announced a change in its management ranks following the retirement of its founder. Under this new leadership, Hitachi Systems India has closely followed the mission, values ​​and vision of the Hitachi Group to create new value, improve management speed and enhance efficiency in business operations.

Context and objective

In recent years, India’s IT services industry has grown significantly and its role in global trade is expanding. For this reason, Hitachi, Ltd. has identified India as an important region in its overall strategy. Hitachi Systems, a key company in the Hitachi Group’s information and telecommunications systems business, has been actively promoting initiatives centered on Hitachi Systems India to further strengthen its IT services base and expand its presence in the country.

Upon the corporate name change and appointment of a new chairman, Hitachi Systems India will adopt a new management structure and operate as a presence closer to Hitachi Systems. In addition, the future posting of the new Japanese president in India contributes to increasing the managerial influence of Japan. This can further strengthen their brand in the Indian market and contribute to their goal of becoming the primary Indian base as part of Hitachi Systems’ goal of becoming a global service company, where they will accelerate the expansion of their business from services and foster even closer relationships. relationships with customers and supplier partners.

Future policy direction

Hitachi Systems India will continue to enhance its systems integration portfolio and provide a range of IT services including cloud services, security services and managed services with a total team of nearly 1,500 service engineers in India. . The company will further develop its service-oriented organization of around 100 engineers, including the Global Service Desk (GSD) and the Network Operations Center (NOC).

Naoki Ono, Vice President and General Manager of Hitachi Systems, said, “Hitachi Systems views India as a key strategic region for global business expansion due to its market size and high growth rate. . Following the adoption of its new corporate name and the appointment of its new president, Hitachi Systems India aims to strengthen its IT-related services business. As part of its efforts to become a global service company, Hitachi Systems will work even more closely with Hitachi Systems India to increase brand value. Additionally, Hitachi Systems India will build on the foundation previously laid in India by Hitachi Systems Micro Clinic and will follow a policy of building strong trusting relationships not only with local companies in India, but also with Japanese and overseas customers.

Munehiro Hashimoto, President of Hitachi Systems India, said, “In anticipation of future commercialization and potential growth in the Indian market, Hitachi Systems India is committed to working closely with Hitachi Systems and other group companies. Hitachi Systems and is aiming for business expansion in India. and Singapore. With a total team of approximately 1,500 Service Engineers in India, comprised of approximately 100 Global Service Desk (GSD) and Network Operations Center (NOC) engineers, we are targeting solid growth by expanding our range of IT services, including cloud services, security services, and managed services.

Anuj Gupta, CEO, Hitachi Systems India

Anuj Gupta, CEO of Hitachi Systems India, said, “Here at Hitachi Systems India, we are working to strengthen our sense of unity with Hitachi Systems and aim to continue business development as an important base in India, to become a global service. business. We look to India for both organic and inorganic growth, with a focus on security and services. Hitachi Systems India is committed to participating as a member of the Hitachi Systems group to further strengthen its brand in the Indian and Singaporean markets. Last but not least, we look forward to strengthening our existing relationships with our customers and supplier partners. »

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