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Noida – Globus Infocom, an edtech solutions provider company recently launched a BYOD solution which is an advanced and digital smart learning setup that includes easy to use student tablets with book cover, multimedia learning content Preloaded, a loading cart with a built-in resolution interactive display for teachers. The high-definition interactive display perfectly synchronizes instructor-based learning with the plethora of tools and resources available, making classroom sessions rich and engaging. The display also includes a built-in front audio system for powerful audio output.

The key element of this solution consists of 20 student tablets with interactive digital content, 1 automatic loading cart, 10 modular workstations, 20 student chairs and 1 interactive flat screen.

The digital content is designed in accordance with the NCERT / STATE Board curriculum. The interactive display also has a built-in interactive suit that offers advanced tools to encourage increased collaboration, productivity and engagement in the classroom with the advanced features of the artificial intelligence pen, annotations, topic tools, 3D objects and to write, edit, save, erase, highlight, email, print, save, etc.

The solution also focuses on ILT-based training as well as self-study practices for a comprehensive learning experience. With multimedia digital content for Kindergarten to Grade 12, learning is engaging and responsive to students. Intuitive digital content software for grades 1-12 combines CBSE / NCERT-based e-books, interactive exercises, 3D animations, science simulations, standard assessment, topic exercises as well as sample questions. These features help to upgrade traditional teaching methods to advanced learning practices that generate genuine interest in students in learning various concepts of their curriculum. Teachers can easily track progress through the reporting dashboard. The availability of offline content helps teachers to pursue lessons in places where internet availability is difficult. The entire class session can be recorded for future reference of students who missed the class.

Depending on the needs, the solution can also be combined with Language Lab software for Hindi / English / Sanskrit to develop students’ language skills. The software is available in Hindi / English / Sanskrit and focuses on a blended learning approach covering the four skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing covering the finer skills, language skills of basic to advanced through its multidimensional course structure. It is a blend of ILT and CBT-based learning structures, while emphasizing self-directed and teacher-led practices. The designed program provides interactive methods such as assessment and practice sheets, quizzes, multimedia rich audio and video content to make language learning more interesting and rewarding for learners.

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