Forbes India – Technology: The 10 most popular GIFs of 2021: From Stanley Hudson in ‘The Office’ to the joy and excitement of Baby Yoda

The Pikachu character ranks fourth in the top 10 most popular GIFs on Giphy in 2021.
Image: The official Pokémon YouTube channel

Do you use GIFs to reply to messages from your friends? These little looping animated graphics keep gaining popularity on social media. As the end of the year approaches, Giphy, the GIF platform, draws up a list of hits from the past year. Between pop culture and cuteness galore, here are the top 10 most popular gifs of 2021.

Using a GIF to reply to a message has become a habit for many Internet users. So much so that the loop animation platform, Giphy, has unveiled the most popular gifs of the year 2021. The top 10 reflects a year punctuated by uncertainty, surprise and fatigue.

At the top of the list is a GIF referencing the cult series “The Office” and one of its iconic characters, Stanley Hudson. Its top spot is hardly surprising since the NBC comedy was the most-watched series in the US in 2020. The winning GIF is nothing but a zoom shot of Stanley Hudson, sitting at his desk, face stoic and annoyed expression. A look that sums up the year 2021?

While in second place, Tom’s weariness of “Tom and Jerry” seems to have resonated a lot, the British show “The Great British Bake Off” also clearly marked Internet users since a GIF from the culinary competition completes the top 3 .

Other TV shows also appeared in the top 10, including Disney+’s “WandaVision,” featuring Agnes’ wink, and Netflix’s “Bridgerton,” featuring Daphne Bridgerton’s character’s shocked look, not to mention Baby Yoda’s excitement in “The Mandalorian,” also on Disney+.

Pikachu’s sadness from “Pokémon” and The Weeknd’s palpable anxiety during his Super Bowl LV show have been widely searched for in gifs with the words “sad” and “stressed out,” Giphy reported.

Top 10 most popular GIFs

1. Stanley Hudson in “The Office”

2. The exhaustion of “Tom and Jerry”

3. Shock on “The Great British Bake Off”

4. Pikachu’s Sadness

5. Agnès’ wink in “WandaVision”

6. “Feliz Cumple” by “Peppa Pig”

7. The Weeknd is lost and stressed

8. Daphne Bridgerton’s surprised look in “Bridgerton”

9. A cute and cheerful GIF

10. The Joy and Excitement of Baby Yoda


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