Forbes India – Technology: Faced with advances in neurotechnology, Chile adopts a law on “neurons rights”

A new Chilean law aims to protect people’s “neurodata” and set limits on how the content of a person’s brain can be analyzed and changed.
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VSHilian lawmakers on Wednesday approved a law establishing the rights to personal identity, free will and mental privacy, becoming the first country in the world to legislate on neurotechnologies that can manipulate the mind.

This bill, which was already passed in the Senate last year, could form the basis for future human rights legislation in other countries in the face of technological advances applied in mind and to the brain.

In debates leading up to the vote, Senator Guido Girardi, one of the law’s most ardent advocates, said its goal was to protect “the last frontier” of human beings: the human psyche.

“We are happy that this is the start of a global assessment of how technology should be used for the good of humanity,” Girardi said on Twitter.

The bill will now have to be promulgated by the president.

With this legislation, Chile strives to be at the forefront of advances in neurotechnology.

Rafael Yuste, a professor of biology at Columbia University and one of the world’s leading experts in the field, told AFP that researchers have already successfully implanted images of things into the brains of mice they had not actually seen and that affected their behavior.

This makes some fear that such neurotechnology could be used to record people’s mental data as well as to modify it.

This is why Chilean law “establishes that scientific and technological development must be at the service of people and that it will be carried out with respect for life and for physical and mental integrity”, declared the Chamber of Deputies. in a press release.

It aims to protect people’s “neurodata” and set limits on how the content of a person’s brain can be analyzed and changed.

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