DRDO anti-drone system | Now DRDO’s made in India technology to counter Jammu-type drone attacks

Representative image | Photo credit: ANI

New Delhi: In what will strengthen the armed forces’ defenses against drones and air threats, the Defense Research and Development Organization (DRDO) has developed anti-drone technology, capable of rapidly detecting and destroying the drones that constitute a threat to the security of the country. The D-4 drone system, developed by DRDO, could thus counter short-range attacks like the one that took place last Sunday at the Jammu Air Force station.

“The D-4 drone system would have detected an attack (in Jammu) because its range is greater than 4 kilometers. The objective of the system is to detect malicious drones that may attack the most vulnerable places. The system has several sensors and two different sensors. counterattacks to destroy rogue drones, “said Dr Jillelamudi Manjula, director general of electronic and communication systems (ECS), DRDO, as quoted by the ANI news agency.

“Prevention can only be done through early detection, so we need to have multiple systems all around our vulnerable areas. We need to detect drones early,” she added.

D-4 system blocks drone communications center destroying equipment

Advanced technology blocks the drone command and control system and damages the drone hardware. The system was used to provide security blanket during the Republic Day parade in Rajpath.

The country’s defense establishment is on high alert after two low-intensity explosions that were reported at Jammu Air Force station last Sunday. Army Chief General MM Naravane said on Thursday the military is developing capabilities to deal with drone threats in both the kinetic and non-kinetic realms.

“The easy availability of drones definitely increases the complexity and challenges,” said Naravane.

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