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New Delhi: Calsoft Inc., a global leader in providing digital product engineering and services to ISVs and enterprises, plans to hire a total of 1,000 engineers in the coming quarters at offices in Pune, Bangalore and San Jose. Also, they are opening a brand new development center in Kolkata. To this end, more than 250 employees will work at the development center in Kolkata.

Calsoft operates across multiple domains and technologies, and they need engineers of all types – specialists, generalists, cross-disciplinary expertise, and more. Calsoft plans to develop a few centers of excellence in Kolkata which will include digital technologies such as data analytics, cloud computing and cybersecurity. They have already held 100 positions in top-notch Indian colleges. The talent pool in India is both wide and deep, and now they want to tap into it.

Calsoft, with its cloud and data engineering expertise and established processes, has partnered with ISVs and product companies at various stages of growth to take the next step in their digital transformation journey. They are also the preferred product engineering services partner for ISVs in storage, networking, virtualization, cloud, IoT (INTERNET OF THINGS), and analytics. Their solution accelerators and frameworks augment go-to-market plans and accelerate product launches to meet customer needs.

Somenath Nag, vice president of marketing and corporate strategy, said, “Calsoft has spread widely. Today we have offices in Pune, Bengaluru and San Jose. Our growth hasn’t been limited to team size – as we’ve grown, we’ve expanded into many different technology areas including AI/ML, networking, storage , etc However, businesses cannot grow haphazardly, bend to the whims of the market. Thus, we decided to carry out a strategic expansion of the company. We plan to tap into new areas, locations and sources of talent. To this end, we are opening a new office in Kolkata!

Rakhi Sinha, Vice President of Human Resources, said, “At Calsoft, we want to hire the best talent. In this recruiting exercise, we will explore all possible ways to find and recruit the talent we need. It’s time for Calsoft to grow further, and this exercise will mark another step in Calsoft’s growth journey!

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