Bry-Air launches BryShield, a first-of-its-kind air filtration system for small server rooms

Bry-Air, one of the leading manufacturers of adsorption dehumidifiers in India and globally, has launched a new product, “BryShield”, to prevent electronic corrosion in small server rooms by removing gaseous contaminants. The innovative air filtration system has been aesthetically designed and can be easily integrated into a false ceiling and can be mounted on the ceiling in a compact way.

Server rooms are equipped with electronic equipment for storing important information and data. Electronic equipment is susceptible to moisture and electronic corrosion from gaseous contaminants, making server rooms spaces highly vulnerable. Moreover, with the miniaturization of electronics, the risk of micro-corrosion/e-corrosion is amplified. According to industry statistics, 75% of microelectronic failures are due to corrosion. This leads to machine downtime with the threat of losing data.

BryShield prevents server downtime and avoids losses due to server failures by preventing electronic corrosion in small server rooms, control rooms and electronic equipment rooms in various industries such as banks, IT companies, telecommunications sites, hospitals, R&D centers, laboratories and smoking rooms. BryShield becomes even more important in a country like India where the air quality is poor. Here, the corrosion problem intensifies more in cities and industrial areas.

A common misconception in the industry is that precision air conditioning removes gaseous contaminants and particulates. But precision air conditioning is not suitable for removing gaseous contaminants from the air. Advanced technology like BryShield neutralizes toxic gases and releases clean air using Honeycomb chemical filters – DRISORB. The patented technology is enhanced by macroporous desiccant-based honeycomb matrix filters that last for over a year and are easily replaceable.

Speaking at the launch, Deepak Pahwa, Managing Director of Bry-Air, said, “As part of delivering quality air solutions, we realized that server rooms don’t get much attention. and, in most cases, people think of installing a normal air conditioning system. will serve the purpose. BryShield serves multiple purposes as it gives clean air and ensures that there is no risk of electronic corrosion that normally leads to server failure and downtime. This product saves data and indirectly benefits the well-being of people and ensures the smooth running of machines.

The product is compact and lightweight and can be easily mounted on the ceiling while being energy efficient, noise-free and can be controlled remotely. The product is available for the first time in two models MCU-100 and MCU-250 and is available on e-commerce platforms.

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