Amazon launches all-female partner delivery station in India

In a bid to create employment opportunities for women, Amazon has launched an all-female partner delivery station in Andhra Pradesh. Amazon currently has four women-only delivery stations located in cities including Tamil Nadu, Gujarat and Kerala. Andhra Pradesh railway station is the fifth railway station opened in India. The delivery station has been set up for women to deliver packages to Amazon customers.

Speaking about the partner delivery stations in India, Last Mile Operations Manager, Amazon India said, “I am proud to announce the launch of the fifth all-female delivery station in the country, and the first in the Andhra Pradesh state. This continued expansion is a testament to providing women with growth opportunities that allow them to broaden their horizons. Our delivery service partners across the country play an important role in strengthening Amazon India’s network of operations and delivering smiles to our customers. We remain committed to providing women with safe and fulfilling opportunities, and remain steadfast in our determination to support them financially.

Apart from Amazon, even Zomato has included female delivery partners in various cities across India. In a statement, Amazon said the DSP program is a last-mile delivery model where Amazon India has partnered with small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to deliver packages to Amazon customers. The company says that for many delivery partners, this program is their first entrepreneurial venture. They use their local knowledge and use Amazon technology to deliver on delivery promises to customers. Currently, Amazon India has nearly 1,650 delivery service partner stations in more than 750 cities, providing job opportunities for tens of thousands of couriers. This program also allows the company to seamlessly manage last mile deliveries across the country.

Speaking about her experience, Vimala Banala, delivery assistant at the female-only birthing station, said, “I have always been ambitious and wanted to pursue my higher education, but the financial situation of my home did not allow me to do so. not. My father, who is a farmer, needed financial help to manage expenses at home. With this job, I am empowered to be financially independent and take care of my family. It gives me immense satisfaction to inspire many other young women in my village.

Amazon also plans to unveil a center in Chennai as well, the station will be run by members of underrepresented cohorts of society including women, veterans, transgender people, people with disabilities among others.

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