Aisle emerges as the 2nd most downloaded dating app in India

Aisle has become the second most downloaded dating app in India and is the only Indian-made brand to rival billion-dollar companies like Tinder and Bumble.

Over the past three months, according to a report by Arrow Data, Aisle has had 2,76,984 downloads, 16% more than Bumble, making it the second most popular app. Moreover, it is the only high-intent dating app among the top five dating apps in India. Unlike casual dating apps that rely on quick attraction swipes, Aisle is built for meaningful connections and efficient matchmaking. It attracts people of Indian origin, looking for serious relationships, from all over the world.

Able Joseph, founder of Aisle, said dating apps have seen a surge during lockdown. “Boredom has been a big reason people use all sorts of dating apps. However, as the lockdown dragged on, people were more motivated to seek meaningful relationships as opposed to fling. that led to more people using Aisle,” Joseph explained.

Aisle is uniquely customized for Indian sensibilities. Using its proprietary algorithm, the app lets its users celebrate their diversity by prioritizing results based on what matters most to them, from native language to hobbies and interests. This approach has made Aisle India the most successful dating app, with more success stories per 1,000 users than any other platform in the country.

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Additionally, Aisle recently integrated the interaction before matching the functionality to its app. The function, known as Rooms allows individuals to host a virtual room and start an audio chat with any other interested user. Since its launch, each Rooms‘ lasted about 14 minutes, with 70% of men and 50% of women using this new live streaming feature. And since Rooms is audio-only, not one-on-one video, women showed more comfort engaging through this feature.

Today, Aisle has acquired over three million users, nine percent of whom are NRIs in over 100 countries. The dating app’s user base has grown by 100% in the last year and 22% since lockdown.

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