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Raipur: the IIIT-NR held its 2nd Convocation on November 27, 2021 on its campus. The Honorable Governor of Chhattisgarh and Chancellor of the Institute, MissAnusuiyaUikey, honored the occasion as the Guest of Honor, while the Honorable Minister of Technical Education, Chhattisgarh, Shri Umesh Patel was the guest of honor. Professor Damodar Acharya, former director of IIT Kharagpur and former president of AICTE, was also present in virtual mode, as guest of honor.

Shri Saurabh Srivastava, President (Council), IIIT-NR, in his welcoming speech, welcomed all the dignitaries and participants. He mentioned that he was happy to note the vision that the institute has forged and the progress made by the institute in a few years under the mentorship of the board of directors and the support of the state government. He added that the county was to create 10 million jobs per year. Therefore, with entrepreneurship being essential for India, he plans to strengthen entrepreneurship activities at IIIT-NR so that it can also produce job creators in the future.

Addressing graduate students, the honorable governor said that “the goal of obtaining a quality education and obtaining a degree should not be limited to getting a well-paying job, but the knowledge thus acquired should be applied by students to solve real-life problems. for the good of society and generating new employment opportunities, ”. She also motivated the students to work for the development of the two villages adopted by the institute and to engage in more research activities for the benefit of the state. She also suggested researching the reasons for the pollution of the state’s major rivers. She commended the students and their parents for graduating through their dedication and sacrifice and motivated them to work for the development of their state and nation.

The Honorable Minister of Technical Education of Chhattisgarh, Shri Umesh Patel, said: “I was delighted to note that even during the pandemic, the academic activities of the institute went uninterrupted through the online mode. . He added that the students of the last two promotions, who receive diplomas in this convocation, not only graduated on time, but also got their targeted jobs in industries, and many got admissions to institutes of higher education in India and abroad. He also referred to the latest report released by Cisco, according to which by the end of 2023, a total of 66% of the world’s population will have access to the Internet. YouTube statistics for the current year show that around 7 in 10 users use the YouTube platform to help them solve a problem they are facing in the matter of work, study or leisure. The video becomes de facto a support for learning purposes. In the coming years, higher education institutions will likely invest in creating interactive educational videos to make learning more interesting. Video-based learning is also scalable and can be easily used repeatedly. Thus, a student can watch the same video several times until he understands the concept well.

Professor Damodar Acharya advised the students to focus on coding and focus on being a good human being and becoming a positive contributor to society. He congratulated the students and motivated them to go further in the field of research. He also motivated the students to work for the elevation of the two villages adopted by the institute, to work for its cleanliness and education, so that the standard of living can be improved.

The first batch doctorate of IIIT-NR was awarded degrees in the convocation with B. Tech. and M. Tech. students. 223 B. Tech., 11 M. Tech. students, and 4 doctoral students were conferred with diplomas, and students with outstanding performance in studies as well as in other activities were conferred with gold medals. The institute also awarded gold medals to students with the best capacity for innovation in B. Tech. The institute awarded silver medals to those who achieved the highest GPA in their respective programs.

The B.Tech. the students of the 2020 lot who received medals in different categories are VedantKhandelwal, gold medal for overall performance, DivyaKrishnani, gold medal for innovation in B. Tech., Khushwaha Ravi Shrimali, gold medal for transformational leadership and Salona Choudhary, silver medal for highest MPC in computer science and engineering.

Likewise, the B. Tech. the 2021 lot students who received medals in different categories were Rajiv NayanChoubey, gold medal for overall performance, Anurag Shukla, two gold medals for innovation in B. Tech. and for Transformational Leadership and Arnab Roy, Silver Medal for Best CGPA in Electronics and Communications Engineering.

On this occasion, Dr. Pradeep K. Sinha, Director of IIIT Naya Raipur, said: “It is worth mentioning on the occasion of the 2nd Convocation that the Institute is pursuing its placement record of 100% since the first lot. All convocation graduates who were interested in jobs were placed with top companies like Microsoft, Amazon, etc., with the highest flat rate of 43 lakhs per year (twice the highest flat rate of the previous year). Many undergraduate degree holders go on to graduate studies (MS, M. Tech. And Ph.D.) in India and abroad. The Institute awarded its first Ph. D. and M. Tech. diplomas in this summons. The Institute has succeeded in realizing its Vision 1.0 by creating cutting-edge technological laboratories and by creating a team of good professors.

Today, the institute has three branches of B. Tech., Four M. Tech. multidisciplinary doctoral disciplines and programs. The Institute has also signed memoranda of understanding with several leading academic institutions and industries. The institute has always been sensitive to its responsibility for the upliftment of Chhattisgarh, which includes adopting neighboring villages, proposing tribal and rural development projects, conducting outreach programs for polytechnics and schools of state, running summer camps for schoolchildren, developing an app for the National Health Mission to educate citizens about diseases prevalent in Chhattisgarh, and developing a radio app for translation into the Gondi language. Sponsored projects are funded by government agencies such as Meity, DST-SERB, NBHM, etc.

The growing popularity of the institute was clearly visible during the B. Tech. admissions process every year, which is visible with the improvement in the institute’s opening JEE ranking.

The institute has developed its Vision 2.0, which aims to make the IIIT-NR “a living research laboratory for agriculture, forestry and rural development”. While the goal of Vision 1.0 was to create a world-class institution with advanced laboratories and highly qualified faculty to teach in order to obtain 100% internships, the goal of Vision 2.0 is research and innovation. .

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